RD-W168AP 1200Mbps Wireless AP

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RD-W168AP 1200Mbps Wireless AP
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RD-W168AP is a high performance Wireless access Point on the celling which designed for hotels, catering, entertainment. Using 580MHz main chip, support for 802.11a / b / g / n / ac protocol, In-depth development of customized wireless operating system, Built-in omni-directional high-gain antenna, signal coverage stronger, more stable connection, faster transmission. Use for entertainment business scene. W168AP has extensive radio, mobile, security and management features, flexibility to choose Fat or Fit operating mode according to different request, Independent networking, support AC remote management, easy to maintenance.


 •  High performance, high throughput, large belt machine
 •  Dual channel, stronger immunity
 •  Routing flexibility to switch wireless
 •  Intelligent RF management
 •  Gigabit uplink, transmission without obstacles

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